Martha's Vineyard Construction and Solar Panel Installation.
Offering Healthy, Custom Built Dream Homes


We specialize in flawless execution of exacting design. As home builders we collaborate with the region’s top architects to build highly customized homes for our clients on Martha’s Vineyard, everything from traditional to modern.

The high performance building expertise of our carpenters enables us to bring superior comfort and durability to every house we build, from our more straight-ahead home building projects on one end of the green spectrum to our Passive House homes and their “zero-energy-ready” performance on the other.

Looking for General Contractor or Solar Installer on Martha’s Vineyard?

Contact us to get started on your new home or solar panel installation today. Farley Built was founded on the principles of efficiency, integrity and durability. We create energy efficient homes without sacrificing design goals of our clients. We aim to meet all of your check list items while providing you the best in energy efficiency, water conservation, and high air quality. To us “green” never means watered down. It means giving you what you desire with minimal impact to the environment and with minimal future operating costs. .

Farley Built was established with a strong commitment to efficiency, integrity, and durability as its guiding principles for Martha’s Vineyard home owners. Our primary focus is on constructing energy-efficient homes that seamlessly incorporate our clients’ design preferences. We strive to fulfill all the items on your checklist while offering superior energy efficiency, water conservation, and excellent air quality. When we say “green,” we don’t compromise quality; instead, we provide you with exactly what you desire while minimizing environmental impact and future operational expenses.

Martha’s Vineyard Solar Panel Installer

In addition to building custom homes we also setup and install solar panel and battery systems so that you can be safe and worry free when bad weather comes.  Learn more about our solar panel installation here.

Talk to Solar Contractor on Martha’s Vineyard

Do you have questions about solar panel installation?  Give us a call and talk to our solar contractor at 508-645-7800.   We handle solar installations throughout the year and can help you evaluate your solar setup opportunities.  

Go with solar energy and take advantage of great savings and rebates – now! With recently extended tax credits, the government is encouraging you to make the transition to clean and sustainable power. By going solar, you can benefit from the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which entitles you to a refund of 30% of your total solar installation cost on your tax return. Contact us and let’s talk about the different available solar incentives, including state and local programs, ensuring that you reap the rewards of freedom from electric bills for many years to come.   Be sure to read our latest Martha’s Vineyard Solar Panel Facts here and discover more interesting information about solar panel ownership.

Get Solar Panel Installation Estimate on Your Martha’s Vineyard Property

Give us a call at 508-645-7800 and let’s talk solar.  You can also click here to fill out our solar panel installation estimate request after business hours and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!  Please keep in mind we only install on Martha’s Vineyard!

Farley Built, Inc. Green Home Recently Published by NESEA

One of our Martha’s Vineyard custom green build homes has recently been published by NESEA, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.  We invite you to read more about Holland Passive House here or visit NESEA site to learn more about the passive home project.