Healthy, Custom Built Dream Homes


Farley Built, Inc. offers an expansive variety of renovation and construction services. From simple renovations to certified green construction, our team handles each unique scope of work with the utmost efficiency. Our clients benefit from the highest level of quality with services markedly tailored to the individual needs of projects. With all of the layers and complexities that construction can bring, we cater to our clients desire to have everything done right.

The pertinent ways we do this include:

  • Bring in an architect to create the master plan
  • Provide a clear project schedule
  • Have you communicate with only one point of contact
  • Communicate and correspond with you on a weekly basis on the project’s progress
  • Help you take care of any unique requests
  • And more — our customization is just that and we pride ourselves on the total management and success of your project


An opportunity to build your “dream home” from scratch requires you to find a solid building shop that can also guide and help you put your ideas and wishes on paper. Farley Built, Inc. offers full architectural services and planning to make sure your vision is properly planned out, adheres to your budget and nothing is overlooked. We seamlessly handle:

  • Pre-construction feasibility
  • Budget creation
  • Architectural design
  • Permits
  • Product(s) and technology research
  • Full build out

Home renovation is a great way to inject new life to your space with definite potential savings when compared to building from scratch. You may find yourself in a home that you love, or a location that is definitively “you” and you find a bit of fine tuning, a bump out, or a freshening up of your existing space(s) is needed. In addition, renovating is a great way to minimize impact on the environment. In most situations, we can perform the renovation while you occupy your home. To successfully do this, we completely isolate and seal off the space we work on and work during the hours you are away at work. Every step of the way, big or small, we work with you within your schedule, to bring success to your renovation project.

Construction, at times, can get quite complicated. Unexpected problems may arise — issues can be time intensive, costly, or both. At times, the best solution is to bring a second set of eyes to a project to see if there are other options to arrive at the best resolution. Farley Built, Inc. offers years of construction experience by a highly qualified team, an in-depth understanding of building sciences, systems modeling, and green construction.

Farley Built, Inc. offers Energy Rating services if you wish to get your home certified. Our team has a certified HERS rater ready to assist with Stretch code requirements, as well as the 2012 Building Code requirements.

Our solar division provides in-house design, permitting and installation of a complete solar package.  After careful research I decided to partner with Panasonic, an industry leader offering one of the most efficient panels on the market. Click here to learn more.