We hope you find these questions and answers informative.  We invite you to give us a call if you are interested in becoming a solar panel owner regardless of whether you in the market or simply would like to learn more about it.  

Q: How much time does it take to install solar panels?
A: The actual installation process takes a couple of days, depending on the size of the system. However, the full process, including permitting, engineering schematics, permissions, ongoing work review, possible reinforcements, and finally a permission to operate can take 4-6 months.  The overall process takes a bit of time but it insures you that every step is done to the highest safety and operating standards.  

Q: How will you determine what size system I should get?
A: We will review your electric bills, which will tell us how many kilowatts your home uses. We will then propose a plan that can 100% compensate your needs. You may also consider getting a battery system that will allow you to further run off of solar energy. The day’s excess power can charge up your battery, and then you can run off of the battery when the sun goes down. This is also a great way to prepare for any bad weather that causes brownouts and blackouts.

Q: Does a solar panel system require a battery?
A: No, it does not. However, a battery will give you solar stored energy when the sun goes down and it gives you grid independence. With a battery, if there are blackouts, you will still be running off of solar stored energy.

Q: What happens when the weather is overcast?
A: Your solar panels will continue to produce energy, but at a lower rate.  The only time solar panels do not produce energy is when the sun goes down or if there is something large covering them, such as a big snowfall.  

Q: Can I purchase my own panels and have you install them?
A: No. We cannot warranty any panels or work that isn’t ours. There is also the potential of one of our team members getting injured if a panel is defective.

Q: Anything that makes you unique compared to others?
A: We are not just solar installers, we are also Martha’s Vineyard custom home builders. Nobody knows the anatomy of a home as well as our team does. We come prepared with the keen ability to look at the whole picture of the house and have in-house carpenters, and excellent connections to all other trades needed to handle the job.  We can offer a variety of installation setups and provide other options to make your home super energy efficient.  

Q: Do you install solar panels outside of Martha’s Vineyard?
A: Not at the moment. The equipment and materials required to install a solar system would be a bit of work to transport from Martha’s Vineyard to other areas, so we primarily focus on providing solar systems to Martha’s Vineyard residents.

Q: How do I begin the process of getting solar panels installed?
A: If you are a homeowner on Martha’s Vineyard then give us a call! We would be happy to answer any questions you have and get you started on the path to solar energy.  Contact us today about supplying all of your power generation needs. 

Q: Will my roof need to be replaced before going solar?
A: Industries general rule of thumb is if your roof is around 25-30 years old, then it may need to be replaced prior to installing a solar panel system. However, **mileage may vary** and our team will thoroughly evaluate your structural integrity and let you know what your options are.  

Q: Do solar panels produce power on cloudy or snowy days?
A: Cloudy days produce power, but it may be at a reduced amount depending on how much true sunlight is hitting your solar panels.  As for snow, if your solar panels are fully covered then you might not be producing energy.  The good news is that here on Martha’s Vineyard the solar panels tend to heat up nicely and will shed off the snow quickly so you may miss some production and still may have some energy produced.  

Q: What types of incentives are available?
A: There are incentive programs out there, two of which are:

SMART Program:
The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program, is a pioneering solar incentive initiative. Under SMART, you’ll receive compensation at a specified SMART rate ($/kWh) for every unit of electricity your solar system generates. 

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC):
Great news for solar enthusiasts! The federal government has reinstated the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) at a generous 30%. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, those who opt for solar installations can enjoy a substantial tax deduction equivalent to 30% of the total solar project’s value. It’s a fantastic opportunity to save on your solar journey.

Farley Built Is Your Trusted Solar Panel Contractor

Farley Built is your top solar panel contractor for Martha’s Vineyard. With expertise in solar installations and a track record of excellence, we deliver efficient and reliable solutions for your home.  Give us a call today at 508-645-7800 and let’s talk solar systems!

Financial Incentives Information

There are other financial incentives to consider when having solar panels installed.  They include:

  • Net Metering – Net metering is a billing system that works like a two-way street for electricity. When your solar panels produce excess energy, it flows back into the grid, and your meter literally runs backwards. This gives you credits that offset the electricity you draw from the grid when your panels aren’t producing enough (like at night). It’s a simple way to make the most of your solar investment and reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources.  Learn more here.
  • SMART Program – The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program is a state-sponsored incentive program that puts money back in your pocket for going solar. Throughout the year, you’ll receive a check from your utility company based on the amount of electricity your solar panels produce. This helps make solar more affordable for homeowners and businesses, while also boosting the state’s renewable energy goals. Learn more here.
New construction - preparing a roof for solar panels

Whether you have new construction or an older home, the Farley Solar Installer team can prepare your roof for solar panels.

our solar panel installers preparing another beautiful home in the Vineyard

Our solar panel installers will design, install and configure your solar panels for optimal sunlight capture. 

finished solar panel roof on Martha's Vineyard

You will have an elegant and sturdy solar panel setup that takes advantage of sunlight and gives you the energy you need.