Sustainability + Durability = Healthy Living

About Farley Built Company

Farley Built specializes in the construction of high performance, custom homes utilizing knowledge and experience based on the complexities of building science.  We integrate craft, durability, and sustainability in all of our projects. 

Efficiency * Integrity * Durability * Sustainability

Our founding principles above dictate and form the foundation for Farley Built, Inc. Combining his knowledge of construction, cabinetry building and green sciences, Farley built his first green home in 2011. The home was a huge success in performance, durability, and high living comfort. Farley knew that he could offer this unique and comfortable type of living to others, and so created Farley Built, Inc.

In 2009 Farley Built, Inc. began successfully servicing the Martha’s Vineyard community, specializing in green and healthy home construction and renovation. Adhering to the principles of build it green, comfortable, and durable, Farley sought out and added the industry’s best builders and problem solvers to his team. Focus on continuous and evolving building education is what truly exemplifies the Farley Built team. The team takes the time to evaluate and learn the newest building sciences and eco-friendly construction methods, always bringing new ideas and solutions to the table and preparing for and managing challenges. With over three decades of combined experience the team excels with the newest technologies and building methods, as well as being comfortable with traditional construction.