Solar Panel Facts for Martha's Vineyard

Solar Panel Facts 

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  • Adding a battery to your solar system allows your home to be powered by solar energy even during nighttime hours.
  • Solar panels exhibit increased efficiency in cooler temperatures, contributing to their optimal performance.
  • Thermal solar panels utilize sunlight’s warmth to heat water, while photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity using sunlight’s light.
  • Although solar energy is essentially free, the installation of solar panels incurs a cost. Despite this, most individuals experience monthly savings by choosing solar panels over grid-based electricity.
  • A common motivator for people adopting solar energy is the influence of someone nearby who has already made the switch.
  • The United States has witnessed the installation of over 2 million solar systems.
  • Across various US states, solar system owners often have the opportunity to sell excess power back to the grid, a practice known as net metering.
  • The investment in solar power proves its worth over time. Our customers frequently achieve a breakeven point and attain positive cash flow within five years.
  • Martha’s Vineyard receives over 200 sunny days per year.

Solar Panels Increase Your Homes Resale Value

As per the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), each dollar saved on energy bills contributes to a $20 increase in your home’s value. To illustrate, if your solar energy setup leads to annual savings of $1000, your home’s value sees a boost of $20,000.


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