Go Solar to Get Unlimited Power, & Independence

Solar: Power and Independence

Our solar division provides in-house design, permitting and installation of a complete solar package.  After careful research I decided to partner with Panasonic, an industry leader offering one of the most efficient panels on the market. Embodying some of the same principles as Farley Built, Panasonic puts an emphasis on quality and durability. This is best exemplified in their 25 year triple guard warranty. They guarantee the integrity of the product, its performance, and in the event of a failure, will cover the replacement cost plus associated labor. All for a duration of 25 years! 

In addition to solar we offer battery storage that can be utilized as an emergency generator.  The battery storage will supply electricity to your home during power outages.  The system is fully automated and requires no additional thought or work by the homeowner. 

Contact us today about supplying all of your power generation needs. 

Avoiding Brownouts and Blackouts on The Cape

With a solar system you can also purchase a battery that will feed hour homes energy needs during any blackouts.  Your home automatically switches on the battery and you probably won’t even know that the rest of your area is lacking power.  

Plus, you can easily tell your battery to provide you with energy during the evening hours when the sun is down.  This way you don’t have to tap into the grid; power your home with the sun during the day, and from the battery when the sun goes down.